The following is a statement from the National Council of Young Israel in response to the bombings this afternoon at the Boston Marathon:

“The National Council of Young Israel joins with the entire nation as we share our grief and concern with the people of Boston in the aftermath of this horrific tragedy.  This senseless act of violence is an unfortunate reminder of the vigilance that must always endure despite the freedoms that we are privileged to enjoy.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families who lost loved ones in this heinous attack and with all those who sustained injuries as a result of the bombings.  We also commend the heroic first responders who immediately sprang into action and cared for the wounded, comforted the grief-stricken, and helped maintain a sense of calm in the midst of complete chaos.  We may have been the target of a deadly attack, but we are confident that our law enforcement officials will apprehend the perpetrators of the bombings and bring them to justice.  In the face of great adversity and trying times, the American spirit will prevail and our democratic values will persevere.”

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