Super Bowl Winnings — to Tzedaka

Here is an article from sent my way by my wife, Miriam.  I agree with her that this kind of behavior, especially when it’s published – is a real “Kiddush Hashem” , beautifully illustrating the philanthropy and generosity that our people is known for.  Enjoy!
Orthodox Jewish New Yorker, Jona Rechnitz, wins $50k on Super Bowl bet at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas.
By: Ashley Baylen
Published: February 7th, 2012
Jona RechnitzPic: TMZ

Jona Rechnitz, an Orthodox Jewish New Yorker, only makes one bet a year… on the Super Bowl. This year, he wagered $1,000 at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas that the Giants would score the game’s first points on a safety. Apparently, only one other Super Bowl in history has opened with this play, so the odds were 50 to 1. So when Brady threw the ball 50 yards to center field to avoid a sack, Rechnitz earned himself $50,000.

Immediately after discovering his win, Rechnitz announced that he would donate all money to charity. The real estate executive toldTMZ that he intends to give $5k to a cause of Tom Brady’s choice, $5k to the Giants defensive linemen’s choice, and the remaining $40k will be divided amongst other charities of his choosing.

Rechnitz hopes that Brady will match the $5k he is donating, and has also extended an invitation to take the Patriots quarterback out for an all-expenses paid falafel dinner.

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