Bageled over a Bellacino

One of this blog’s features – admittedly in need of some serious updating – is the Bagel Theory.   Bageling occurs when someone who is obviously Jewish (ie identifiable as such through one’s appearance, clothing, etc)  — receives a “heavy hint” from a total stranger that the latter is ALSO Jewish. See the formal definition at the top of this site under “Bagel Theory”.

A Bellacino to go with my "Bagel"

Well, today I was bageled over a Bellacino. Fueling up for the long day ahead, I made my way to that fine Seattle coffee shop, Tully’s, to purchase the icy drink for myself and my dear wife, who works with me at SHA….

Blending my Bellacino was Josh….”You part of the Seattle Hebrew Academy? I went to a Hebrew (afternoon) school myself…never to a day school.” And so began our five minute exchange over Jewish life.

“You can tell who the non-Jewish people are in shul on Shabbat, ” Josh observed. “They’re the ones that come at 8:30….They just don’t understand that you don’t really need to come until 10…”

“Or in time for the Kiddush” I quipped.

What’s a nice Jewish boy from the San Fernando Valley doing in Seattle?

“If you’re out of work, you may as well be in a city that you like.”

“But, you work here, don’t you?”

“I’m a lawyer by profession…”

Tough Economic times.

Fifteen minutes later, I am now feeling the full impact of the Bellacino.

Thanks, Josh, for the “bagel” and coffee!

Any “Thinking Jewish” blog follower is invited to contribute to my pool of “bagel stories” by emailing me at

One comment

  1. Nu? Did you invite him for Shabbat?!
    Or do you want to wait until the next coffee encounter?

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