WebYeshiva Winter Zman & TorahTutors Mid-Winter Promo

……begins on Sunday evening, January 16th…

My Gemara Matmidim Shiur, which runs Sunday through Thursday evenings at 6 pm Pacific/8 Central/9 Eastern time, will be learning כיצד מברכין – Keystad Mevarchin, the sixth chapter of Masechet Berachot.  There will be a daily blog for the shiur on blogger.com 
To register for my shiur or any other Webyeshiva offering, click on webyeshiva.org

Torahtutors.org is having its mid-winter promotional offer of a free introductory shiur, up to the end of January.  We use the crisp, clear Microsoft Live Meeting software to tailor one-on-one classes for students around the world.  Our “Share-a-Shiur” program allows you to defray the cost of a one-on-one session by inviting friends to join you for a small group shiur, everyone “logging on” from his or her private computer!

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