A Kiddush Hashem …. in Overland Park!

 Yesterday, Sunday, March 14th, I had the great honor of participating in an unforgettable event at the Sheraton Hotel in Overland Park, Kansas. At the event, sponsored by the Community Kollel of Kansas City, upwards of 100 members of the local Jewish community dedicated three hours of their otherwise busy Sunday morning to delve into the conceptual and practical side of the upcoming Pesach holiday. Rabbi Binyomin Davis “bravely went where no rabbi has gone before” (Startrek music, please!) and ran through the halachic aspects of the Pesach Seder in only 15 minutes!  Quite a feat! Rabbi Elchanan Schulgasser was a perfect Master of Ceremonies.

I delivered two shiurim: one entitled “Beyond the Bricks and Mortar: Mapping Out Your Own Personal Exodus” and the other: “One Hillel Sandwich to Go: What’s this Jewish Obsession with Food?”  I think the community should give itself a separate round of applause for the statement it’s made on the importance of preparing itself for experiencing freedom – from a Torah perspective.   The audio shiurim have been uploaded to the Kollel website at www.kckollel.com/wordpress/

It was great having a chance to reconnect with our many good friends in Kansas City!

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